Nelson Hardiman has been a leading adviser with respect to legal, regulatory, and risk issues related to mental health. Mental health continues to be an overriding challenge not only for employers and healthcare providers, but for our entire society. In May 2020, 90% of American adults reported experiencing heightened levels of mental strain caused by the pandemic. Yet a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that a quarter of adults with symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorders could not obtain the necessary counseling or therapy to meet their needs. It is critical that employers and healthcare providers have access to the best advice in an evolving environment with new laws and regulations, expanding modalities of care (such as telehealth), new therapeutic agents (including ketamine and other psychedelics), and new challenges. Employers, healthcare providers, and life science organizations rely on Nelson Hardiman to guide them through risk issues and challenges relating to compliance with licensing, operations, and reimbursement requirements. Nelson Hardiman is proud to be on a short list of the most authoritative resources on the legal, regulatory, and risk management questions surrounding mental and behavioral health, including the future of telehealth, questions around reimbursement, mental health parity, and other evolving legal issues.