Founder and Managing Partner, Harry Nelson, was quoted in a May 25, 2018, LA Times story titled  California’s physician-assisted suicide law is overturned — for now

From the Article:

Harry Nelson, a healthcare attorney in Los Angeles, said that even with an overturned law, the medical board probably won’t go after doctors for writing such prescriptions because the panel is represented by the state attorney general’s office — the very people defending the law.

He said local district attorneys could try to prosecute doctors, but most physicians who write prescriptions under the law don’t typically advertise that they do so. California’s data from the law’s first six months show that 173 physicians wrote the 191 prescriptions statewide.

“Doctors who do this are extremely private about it,” said Nelson, who represents several doctors who have written prescriptions under the law. “If you’re a doctor involved in this, all the more reason why it was a better decision to remain cloistered.”

Nelson, however, said he didn’t expect that law would be permanently overturned in California.

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