Please join Nelson Hardiman and Health 2.0 LA for a thought leadership roundtable discussion centered around our nation’s opioids crisis. Moderated by Harry Nelson, founding managing partner of leading LA healthcare law firm Nelson Hardiman and author of The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain, our panelists will provide perspectives from innovators at work on solutions to the crisis.  In particular, we will hear from leaders in our region who are developing technologies for pain management and treatment of addiction.


5:30PM: Doors open

5:30PM – 6:00PM: Networking

6:00PM: Open by Jessica Santana, Health 2.0 LA, Intro of Harry Nelson, and program begins

7:00PM: Program ends

7:00PM to 8:30PM: Mix and mingle

We will have light refreshments available to nibble on before and after the program.


Please check-in with security at the Lobby Level and let them know you are going to the 15th floor for the Health 2.0 LA event to gain access.


There is parking at 1100 Glendon for a flat rate of $7.00 beginning at 5:00 pm. The law firm will not be providing parking validations for the evening’s program. As always, we encourage rideshare and green transportation options.


Harry Nelson 

Harry Nelson is the founder of Nelson Hardiman, LLP, the largest healthcare and life sciences specialty law firm in Los Angeles.  Harry is the author of The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Painpublished by Forbes in March 2019, which received critical praise for changing the crisis-related conversation from spectacle to solutions. The book grew out of Harry’s work in opioid overdose and other crisis response in behavioral health. In 2017, Harry co-authored From ObamaCare to TrumpCare: Why You Should Care, an exploration of U.S. health policy past, present, and future aimed at moving beyond rhetoric and hand-wringing to bipartisan dialogue.

Ashley Loeb Blassingame

A co-founder of Lionrock and member of the executive team, Ashley builds Lionrock’s capacity through the talent acquisitions operations. By interfacing with the people her company serves and operationalizing their needs within her company, Ashley has helped to grow Lionrock from the first client to now, surpassing Lionrock’s 1,000th. She interacts with Lionrock’s online community, too, driving social media engagement and deepening Lionrock’s community.

As a co-founder of a start-up using technology to reach and engage people who have been deemed “hard to reach”, Ashley, alongside her co-founder colleagues, has had to persevere to convince people of the effectiveness of their platform – and the impact they are having on lives every day.

Matthew Stoudt

Matthew Stoudt is the CEO and Co-Founder of appliedVR where he is pioneering the next generation of digital medicine.  Leveraging the unique therapeutic properties of virtual reality, appliedVR is addressing major health care challenges including pain, behavioral health issues and chronic disease management.  AppliedVR is backed by leading institutions including the NIH via the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the VA, Cedars-Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, Geisinger and over 150 other institutions.

Dr. Stephen Grinstead

Dr. Grinstead is an internationally recognized expert in preventing relapse related to addiction and chronic pain disorders and is the developer of the Addiction-Free Pain Management® System. He has been working with chronic pain management, substance use disorders, eating addiction and coexisting mental and personality disorders since 1984. He is also the author of Freedom from Suffering: A Journey of Hope as well as several other pain management books including Managing Pain and Coexisting Disorders, and the Addiction-Free Pain Management® Recovery Guide.