Course Outline (4hrs)

I.     Introduction
II.    Current Legal Environment for Long Term Care Providers
III.   Corporate Code of Conduct (Fraud, Waste, Abuse & Privacy)
IV.   How do Care Providers (Nurses, Administrators, etc) do the Right Thing?
V.    Scenarios and Discussion
VI.   Quiz and Course Evaluation
VII.  Conclusion and Questions

Learning Objectives

A. Participants will learn the federal and state laws and guidelines regarding healthcare compliance in general and nursing facility compliance in particular.

B. Participants will learn about all applicable law regarding the anti Kickback statue, the anti-referral laws and other compliance requirements.

C. Participants will learn about the patient confidentiality laws.

D. Participants will be able to describe the major goals of the compliance laws taught and identify the most common situations where issues regarding compliance are encountered.

Target Audience

Healthcare Executives, Board Members, Attorneys, Administrators, Long Term Care Physicians, Long Term Care Contractors, Long Term Care Administrators, Long Term Care Nurses, Other Long Term Care Employees. Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and Residential Care facility staff.

Continuing Education Credits

NHA (CEP# 1738) – 4hrs
BRN (CEP# 15442) – 4hrs
DSS (CEP# 2000129) – 4hrs