Lee Arian was featured in an article about his move to Nelson Hardiman, “Ex-UnitedHealth Unit VP, Fraud Pro Joins Nelson Hardiman,” published in Law360.

From the article:

Nelson Hardiman LLP has brought on a former federal prosecutor and in-house attorney for UnitedHealth’s Optum and Anthem Inc. to take on fraud and abuse matters as a partner in Los Angeles.

After spending the last 25 years advising insurers, Lee Arian said he’s ready to come at the health care industry from another direction, largely helping providers on matters involving insurance and white collar crimes. His work at Optum had become too administrative, he said, and at Nelson Hardiman he wants to be more hands-on, including spending more time working on litigation.

“I think here there’s an opportunity to actually help people do things the right way, so they don’t have issues with insurers or with law enforcement,” Arian said.

Specifically, Arian said he has the expertise to make sure people he’s advising are doing things the right way  to avoid getting in legal trouble. When they don’t follow the law, his experience helps him address legal issues “so that they can move past any mistakes they may have made in the least punitive way possible,” Arian said.

As an ultimate goal, Arian said he wants to help fix the country’s health care system, figuring out the best ways to deliver care affordably and efficiently, but keeping it well-regulated.

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