First-of-its-Kind Certificate in Addiction Treatment MarketingNelson Hardiman managing partner, Harry Nelson, has long advocated for the behavioral health industry. In fact, helping the industry mature by creating compliance standards is what led Harry to launch the American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA). “If no one knows how to pay a marketer, if there are no standards, then what can you be compliant with?” Harry recently stated at a C-Suite Executive Symposium in Riverside, California on September 1, 2017.

Last week, AATA made a major announcement that should go a long way towards answering Harry’s question above. The organization announced a first-of-its-kind Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing which aims to set the national standard for addiction treatment marketers. From the press release:

In early 2018, stakeholders in the addiction treatment industry will finally have access to the education and training they need to operate ethically and in compliance with marketing best practices. “In recent years, coverage of illegal marketing practices in addiction have sounded an alarm across the country, calling for the industry’s attention,” said Harry Nelson, AATA’s Founding Chair.

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