Co-Founder and Managing Partner Harry Nelson and expert on the recent litigation surrounding the Opioid Crisis published his latest book, The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain. Forbes released the publication on Tuesday. 

From the article:

For over a year now, media coverage of the opioid crisis has been a steady drumbeat. Almost every day, we see variations on the same stories; another overdose death; the latest lawsuit over deceptive drug marketing; or another story on the Sacklers, founders of Purdue Pharma, and the billions they earned trafficking opioids. For all of the attention it gets, the opioid crisis just keeps getting worse.

Harry Nelson, Time to Stop Gawping and Start Doing Something About the Opioid Crisis 3.26.2019

The United States of Opioids provides a history of the epidemic and a practical look at a solution for the way out. 

In building the largest healthcare and life sciences firm in Los Angeles, Harry has earned national acclaim for driving innovative solutions to the most difficult problems facing healthcare.

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