Harry Nelson discusses impact of Republican-led healthcare bill on womenThe latest Republican-led effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would have a significant affect on women which Harry Nelson discusses with Avvo:

Harry Nelson, founder and managing partner of Nelson Hardiman in Los Angeles, and co-author of From ObamaCare To TrumpCare: Why You Should Care, identifies three groups of women as being particularly at risk:

  1. Women younger than 65. That’s the threshold for qualification to get Medicare benefits, and with the absence of protection for pre-existing conditions, many would no longer be able to afford coverage.
  2. Women who make “too much” money. Being above the income threshold for Medicaid further limits access for middle-class women who are by no means wealthy enough to cover their health care without insurance. “The biggest risk under Trumpcare is the absence of affordable coverage for middle-class women,” says Nelson.
  3. Women not covered by an employer-based plan. Most employer-based group health insurance plans are low cost and do not require employees to undergo medical exams to qualify for coverage.

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