Co-Founder and Managing Partner Harry Nelson was interviewed by Shane Ramer of That Sober Guy Podcast at the 2019 Innovations in Recovery conference in San Diego. Harry discussed the “roadmap out of the opioid crisis” that he describes in his latest book, The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain. Harry talks to Shane about the changes that need to be made in ourselves and our society to ensure an end to the opioid crisis.

Sober Guy Radio was created by Shane Ramer as a platform for individuals who have recovered from addiction to share their stories and help those in the recovery community stay on the path and know they are not alone.

From the podcast:

Harry: We are really good as a country investing in late-stage intervention in health problems, but if we’re going to have good healthcare, we all need to be taking early, preventative steps and not waiting for it to get worse. I think the politics of this matter is not helpful–we need people to come together and have practical conversations about how we can provide the different kinds of care that people need.

Listen to the full podcast: