Co-Founder and Managing Partner Harry Nelson was interviewed by Voice of America’s Lori Lundin regarding the recent $270 million Purdue Pharma settlement and how it may affect the other countless pending opioid-related lawsuits against Big Pharma.

Purdue introduced OxyContin in 1995 and marketed the drug aggressively to healthcare providers. Beginning in 2000, widespread reports of abuse of the drug became prevalent, moving several states to file lawsuits against the controversial company. As of January 2019, 36 states have joined the cause.

From the interview:

Lori Londin: Why is this settlement a big deal?

Harry Nelson: The last major settlement that any state has made with Purdue Pharma and the other opioid drugmakers was in the state of Kentucky in 2015 for $24 million. As we’ve been learning more about the fallout from the opioid crisis and the harm as well as the misconduct and the disturbing behavior by Purdue Pharma executives and other drugmakers the stakes have been going up and up and we have roughly 1600 lawsuits in this country and plaintiff lawyers threatening a multi-trillion dollar settlement that would dwarf any other mass tort case in American history.

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