Harry NelsonHarry Nelson was quoted in the article, “GOP ACA replacement plan: 4 things health execs should know,” published in Managed Healthcare Executive on March 16, 2017. From the article:

On March 6, House Republican leadership introduced Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal and replacement budget reconciliation bills. These two bills are collectively being called the American Health Care Act (AHCA). So what should managed care organizations know about the replacement plan?

1. It’s loaded with tax reforms.

First and foremost, the GOP plan should be seen as a tax reform plan, with repeals of more than 10 ACA-related taxes including the medical device tax, the health insurance tax, the prescription drug tax, and the small business tax credit, as well as cuts to funds that subsidized the ACA, says Harry Nelson, a healthcare attorney with Nelson Hardiman LLP, a healthcare law firm, and author of “From ObamaCare to TrumpCare.”


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