Harry NelsonThe May 18 Daily Journal lead story by Kibkage Araya covers the popularity of concierge medicine and the movement by primary care physician groups merging with large hospital groups to stay economically afloat in the new era of lower reimbursement insurance rates. Co-founder and Managing Partner Harry Nelson was quoted in this article, discussing the increase in work sorting through legal hurdles for their concierge clients, while trying to avoid compliance issues with Medicare.

“Doctors really are not following the model Medicare wanted,” said Harry Nelson of Nelson Hardiman LLP, whose firm works with around 50 practices at any given time. “Medicare doesn’t like it and the insurance companies don’t like it, but it’s still happening. We’ll continue to see it.”

Between 2005 and 2010, Concierge Medicine Today, the industry’s oldest news organization, found the number of direct primary care physicians increased fivefold to over 750 doctors nationwide…

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