HIPAA for Attorneys–Seminar Video and MaterialsMany attorneys handle sensitive patient data in the course of their law practices. Some attorneys qualify as “business associates” under HIPAA and HITECH; others need to be mindful of other federal and state requirements relating to patient data. If your firm is not well versed in HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements, your level of risk may be on the rise with the Omnibus Rule that went into effect September 23, 2013. The Rule may also impact your relationship with healthcare clients, who are relying on your obligations under your business associate agreements to comply with HIPAA and HITECH.

On October 16th, 2013, Nelson Hardiman held a seminar outlining what attorneys must do to comply with HIPAA (if applicable) and to safeguard client data under other state and federal laws. Please feel free to view the video recording of the seminar and download the handout. For more information on this topic or for questions please reach out to us at info@nelsonhardiman.com.


Harry Nelson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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