Harry NelsonCo-founder and managing partner Harry Nelson recently wrote an article that was featured in Physician News Digest on March 9th, 2015. The article gives insight into the recent decision of a Florida jury holding MDVIP and its affiliated doctor liable was a rude awakening. Robert Beber, the former general counsel of chemical conglomerate W.R. Grace, sued his and his widow Joan’s former concierge doctor.

“Concierge medicine and medical malpractice:  the two phrases don’t even seem to belong together in the same sentence.

Concierge medicine — the “refuge” of private practice physicians in an increasingly managed care-driven world — is safer for both doctors and patients, isn’t it?  After all, patients in concierge practices are getting more time, attention, and access to their doctor than in higher volume practices models, right?  And, doctors — doesn’t concierge medicine offer a break from the pressure to rush to see the next patient and to practice more thoughtfully?…”


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