For nearly two decades, Nelson Hardiman has been a leading resource nationally for direct-to-consumer (DTC) areas of healthcare, where providers bypassed insurance reimbursement in favor of marketing cash-pay resources to consumers, from aesthetics to a broad array of health and wellness. Nelson Hardiman brings hard-earned experience advising on direct-to-consumer healthcare business structures (including compliance with corporate practice of medicine (CPOM) requirements), as well as expertise in rules related to retail healthcare products, whether related to cosmetics, nutrition, dental hygiene, and over-the-counter medications. In recent years, Nelson Hardiman has guided many early state and large public companies in growing both in brick-and-mortar and digital solutions. Several firm clients have gone from concept to public offering and public acquisition based on Nelson Hardiman’s specialized regulatory guidance. Our firm advises businesses that furnish online pharmacy services (including the intersection of physician and pharmacy services), telehealth and telemedicine treatment, remote patient monitoring, digital data management, as well as mobile healthcare. We also advice retail clinics addressing aesthetic and beauty needs, and a wide array of health and wellness needs on issues including organizational structure, scope of practice and supervision, and all of the legal and regulatory issues inherent in DTC health-related businesses.