Nelson Hardiman is proud to join the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) in celebrating the second annual Telehealth Awareness Week to bring awareness, educate, and support telehealth. While telehealth had been steadily growing as a dimension of healthcare service delivery over the past two decades, the COVID-19 pandemic was a game-changer, dramatically accelerating adoption by providers and patients and transforming telehealth into a predominant method of delivery of healthcare services in many areas of care.

Los Angeles-based Nelson Hardiman is proud to have been one of a select number of law firms nationwide that pioneered the legal and regulatory underpinnings for many of the key providers in telehealth today, and to continue to play an industry-leading role. The largest telehealth companies in America came to Nelson Hardiman for its deep expertise in navigating complex issues in state health professional licensing and enforcement and corporate practice of medicine compliance – niches within the specialty of healthcare and life sciences regulatory work that is critical to telehealth venture structure – as well as its leading role in opening and advising on risk issues in emerging areas of healthcare. For over fifteen years, Nelson Hardiman has played a leadership role in advising both leading organizations nationally and start-ups on the essential regulatory issues underlying the telehealth transformation. “We have worked with clinicians and business leaders to establish regulatory pathways for cutting-edge telehealth models, beginning with teledermatology in the early 2000s and extending in recent years to tele-mental health, teledentistry, and other first of their kind models,” said Co-Founding and Managing Partner Harry Nelson.

Nelson Hardiman’s recent webinar series on telemedicine abortion has been widely praised for filling a void in need-to-know regulatory information for providers interested in medication abortion. The series builds on the firm’s work in reproductive health and telemedicine, which included work on the regulatory pathway for oral contraception for women (a project undertaken in collaboration with Planned Parenthood and Icebreaker Health). Nelson Hardiman is also proud to have played a leading role in developing telemedical models during the COVID-19 pandemic, including advising autism and addiction treatment programs.

“We are proud and committed to a future of care delivery that ensures all patients, no matter their location, can access the quality care they deserve,” commented Harry Nelson. “This week of promoting awareness is a great opportunity to survey the way healthcare is being transformed by telehealth.”

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