Aviva Morady was interviewed by Tom Valentino with Behavioral Healthcare Executive concerning the recent class action lawsuit against United Behavioral Health, a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare. Aviva, a key member of Nelson Hardiman’s Regulatory Compliance practice group, recently published a Client Alert that provides an in-depth summary of the court’s findings and the instances United failed to meet minimum standards of care.

Behavioral Healthcare Executive reached out Aviva to provide her compliance expertise on what this ruling could mean for the future of behavioral healthcare and the insurance industry overall.

From the article:

The 106-page ruling of U.S. Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero was “incredibly thought-out and incredibly thorough,” Aviva Morady, an attorney for Nelson Hardiman, tells Behavioral Healthcare Executive.

“At the very least, it’s going to send the message to insurers that your guidelines are subject to judicial review, and if you adopt these internal guidelines that aren’t in line with generally accepted standards, you might get a similar ruling,” says Morady, who serves in Nelson Hardiman’s regulatory compliance group. “I do hope we see all of the health plans take a closer look at their coverage determination guidelines.”

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